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Palladium Technology believes in providing Accounting Software, ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & business solutions which improve your company's productivity, through innovative software design and proactive support.

As Australasia's leading reseller of IRIS Exchequer Enterprise Accounting Software, we would welcome an opportunity to demonstrate why IRIS Exchequer came 1st in Accounting Web's customer service survey in terms of product and user support satisfaction, beating all other mid-range accounting systems.

Exchequer is the only vendor to have ever won the Best Mid-Range accounting software 4 years running.

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What: Proven business solutions from financially secure vendors to deliver rapid ROI.

Who: Focused on delivering solutions to small and medium sized organisations.

Where: Throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the Pacific Islands.

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Manage My Business

  • Financial Management
  • Inventory & Stock
  • Business Intelligence
  • Project, Job & Time Costing
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • and more..

You Need

IRIS Exchequer



Increase Sales/Support

  • Align Your Sales Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Helpdesk & Customer Service
  • BI & Reporting
  • Contact Management
  • And more�

You Need

Goldmine CRM



Get Support

  • Local & Professional
  • Industry Experts
  • Software Selection Consulting
  • Independent Analysis
  • Data Conversion
  • Requirements Scoping

You Need

Palladium Tech


Updates & News

5 Social Media Tools Every Savvy Marketer Should Use

Social media has become an integral part of all business marketing strategies irrespective of the industry and domain of the business. Business marketers know now that most of their target market audiences are active on the social media. With the increasing number of social platforms, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of them. Here are a few social media tools every smart marketer can make good use of.

  • Buffer

Buffer is a social media app that helps to streamline social posting efforts. It’s widely known how powerful social media is for marketing initiatives but pulling the strings on a tool like a buffer will help to increase followers like never before, engage the audience and build one’s own brand of success. Buffer stands out for its ability to connect multiple accounts to one dashboard, schedule posts, create drip campaigns and analyze the success of one’s posts. Buffer’s free plan system is perfect for new businesses looking to grow their social presence.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another social media management tool used by professional marketers. This tool helps to schedule posts on multiple social media channels as well as analyze the results of one’s efforts. It also offers team tools that can help businesses bring together their entire team to create content for the social networks. It’s free plans allow syncing three social media profiles making it a great place for most entrepreneurs. Hootsuite really ranks in its quick response and easy to use dashboard that allows posting across all social profiles.

  • MailChimp

Mailchimp is one of the leading email marketing tools used to help stay connected with one’s subscribers. MailChimp is easy to use on an individual level as well as on an enterprise level. One can set up an admin account and grant permissions to managers, authors, viewers etc. This helps to more effectively manage workflow as a team. If one is to keep in touch with their subscribers, then an email marketing tool like Mailchimp is a must. Mailchimp has everything from a free account to a large enterprising account to pick as per requirements.

  • Twilio

Twilio is a convenient programmatic app and cloud communications platform. Twilio allows us to build apps that help to improve communications with everyone. With this app, one can create voice, video, messaging and authentication APIs for every other application or program. Twilio also includes features as appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, call tracking, lead alerts and much more. Due to these reasons, Twilio is one of the strongest API technologies out there. It’s free to get a Twilio app but pricing for different products like Voice, Client, Messaging, etc vary.

  • Followerwonk

Followerwonk is another valuable tool for those that market on Twitter. It provides insight about followers as well as gives information like their current geographical locations, peak times to post, etc. It can also assist in locating and connecting with new bloggers and influencers in one’s niche. Followerwonk breaks down one’s followers onto demographics so that they can be understood better. The best part about this tool would be its analysis of what time one’s followers should be online thus helping to know the best times to tweet to reach more people.

In the end, it’s all about finding the appropriate social media tool for one’s business. It needs to fit in the requirements in terms of the marketing budget, and how much comfortable the interface can be.

  • MarketingQuotes

This is a free service that allows business to compare local marketing agencies for free. The team at have invested over 10 years in growing their network of vetted marketing agencies. Businesses can just enter their details and freely compare marketing agencies that are interested in competing for their services. Whether you need Linkedin Marketing, social media marketing agencies or an adwords management company the team at marketingquotes will be able to guide you to the right agency for free.


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